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Distinctive Festival Days in Kengtung

During January

New Year Festival Period          

         The Brilliant-colored New Year Festival days of  Lahu , Wa,  Lisu, Tai Nei Shan and also Chinese.The day is beyond the same day as Chinese Luna New Year .

During March

Novitiation ceremony

The time is to make the sons to novice and  the family carrying offertories on the shoulders and wandering in downtown by playing traditional musical instruments.

Memorial of SawBwa Period Market Day

Selling the goods as old market day near the shrine of  NAT (spirit). Preparation for selling since mid-night and then selling goods to induce good luck. The central market of the city is closed on that day.

During April

Thingyan Splashing Water  Festival

April 13      The drumming ceremony of fixing drum by  Loi tribe-people  is celebrated through the whole night at the shrine for the Sakka starting from 1:00 pm on afternoon.

April 14      The various national races come and watering at the respective big drum and the Sakka statue the whole morning and the the big crowd send the Sakka statue to the creek collectively at 1:00pm.

April 15      Continuing splashing water in Thingyan Water festival .The families go to monastery making sand stupa that sand collected  from the creek or river and do the merit at the monastery .

April 16      The lovable chatterbox and bamboo pillar for supporting planetary posts are carried and donate to the monastery.

April 17      New year of Myanmar Era is the auspicious day. Food and offertories are donated to the venerable monks by the families to the monasteries at that day.

During August

                  Akha Swing Festival is usually held in this month            

During October

First Crop Feasting Day

          Traditional ceremony of feasting the first crop is held at village by village. The celebration date is depend on their harvest finished.

Thadingyut Lighting Festival

          Lighting Festival is in the whole town. Make in offertory of thousand lights in dedication to Buddha. Festival of journey of twenty-eight Buddha are made in the town. The twelve feet high of pine oil lamps are offered to Lord Buddha at every monastery. The fireworks contests are celebrated at the wards and villages.

During November

Full moon day of Tazaungmone Lighting Festival

Lighting Festival. The ceremony of offering foods and provisions of the whole town is celebrated grandiose in front of the MAHA MYAT MUNI Buddha image at 6:00 am .  Usually about five hundred monks are attended.

Many Katina Padetha Trees which donated by the departmental, well-wishers, wards and organizations are being sent to the winner monasteries at the lucky-draw.

         Shan New Year Festival held in this month at the downtown stadium with singing and dances.

During December

December 25        Christmas Celebrated by Christian communities at the RCM church in the evening.

December 28        The day of Akha New Year. All Akha hill tribes are participating in New Year, wearing traditional costumes and performing their dances and songs.

December 31        Many people to participate the count-down of New Year Eve till mid-night at the RCM church.