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General  Information about Kengtung

Kengtung is the capital of Eastern Shan State. It is close to Tachileik -Myanmar border town, 163 km of east of Kengtung) and Mong Lar (China – Myanmar border town,  88 km of north of Kengtung).

The weather in Kengtung is divided into three distinct seasons (i.e hot , rainy and cold). The hot season usually runs from March to June, the rainy season starts from July to October and the cold season lasts from November to February.

Kengtung is reachable by land and by air from other parts of Myanmar. If the traveler would like to travel from Tachileik (Thailand – Myanmar border town) to Kengtung, the Entry Permit or e-Visa will be needed. Visa on Arrival is not available yet.

The main attraction of Kengtung is hilltribe trekking where you can see Shan, Ann, Akha , Lahu, Loi , Palaung  and Wa tribal villages. All of these tribes are still preserved their ancient customs and traditions as well as their unique and colorful dresses.



Many Hill tribe villages for trekking, sightseeing and things to do in Kengtung.